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Greenville is a great place to live and these suggestions are just the tip of the iceburg and only things to do downtown! At Harris Street you are right in the center of things and can start exploring from there. 

Be in the Center of it all.

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Harris Street Properties

One of the best things about living at the Harris Street Properties is it's location to not restaurants, but tons of recreational activities and events, although the selection of restaurants is BIG. Here is a short list of some of the things to do in the West End: Run through Falls Park, See games in Fluor Field, watch movies in the Reedy River Amphitheatre, catch a show at the Peace Center, eat ice cream on Liberty Bridge, watch the flowers bloom in Falls Park, check out the plays at Warehouse Theatre, Shakespeare in the Park, trek or bike down the swamp rabbit trail and much much more.

The swamp rabbit trail which starts in Travelers Rest at Sunrift Adventures goes by Furman along the Reedy River next to the Children's Garden in West End past the fountains at Riverplace Hampton Inn down to and through Falls Park and keeps going. Catch the trail and go by the Greenville Zoo, Cleveland Park playgrounds, the dog park and on down through other areas of Greenville County as they add trail.  The listing below is for places in the West End, but for things like the trail and the park...well there is just too much to do and it covers too large an area to condense into one address. The list only includes places that are easy to walk to from Harris Street. You'll just have to experience it to see what we mean.

Not included were places that can still be walked to, but require someone who is in a little bit better shape. The children's museum, the art museum and history museum are a few of the places just off main street in Downtown Greenville. There is a whole other world just up the street in the North Main area. There are also the local events which Greenvillians love to come downtown for...artisphere, fall for Greenville, Downtown Alive, Moonlight Madness, Saturday Market are just a few.